Who we are.

Meet Trine, a trio of dedicated sound healing practitioners on a mission to bring harmony and well-being through the power of sound. 

Trine exists to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern wellness. Our purpose is to introduce as many people as possible to the profound benefits of sound healing. We aim to dissolve the misconceptions that have shrouded sound healing, replacing skepticism with curiosity, and making well-being more accessible to everyone.

Our journey is guided by a vision of a world where vibrational medicine is acknowledged and embraced for its profound healing potential.

Lydia Riedell

With over two decades of experience in facilitating Transformational Sound for personal and planetary healing, Lydia’s heart’s intent is to harmonize and heal. She channels harmonic frequencies through sacred sound instruments, producing states of profound harmony, balance, and healing potential for her recipients.

Carol Christensen

Certified in Sound Healing, Carol is a student of frequency and vibration. She specializes in nervous system regulation and brainwave entrainment through the creation of melodic soundscapes. Carol’s mission is to teach people how to calm their minds and regulate their nervous systems, helping them align more deeply with their true essence.

Kiera Hanselman

A passionate energy and sound practitioner, Kiera’s own journey of self-healing and personal growth led her to the transformative world of sound healing. Through her personal story, she aspires to inspire and guide others on their own paths towards discovering profound love, light, and healing.

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Our vision is to reach countless individuals, enabling them to harness the transformative potential of sound therapy. Through education, we aim to illuminate the profound history and heritage of sound healing, making it accessible and easy to integrate into everyday life. We see a future where the practice of sound healing is met with open-minded curiosity rather than skepticism, where it is embraced as a valuable tool for well-being, and where individuals from all walks of life can experience the benefits without hesitation.

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